• And So It Begins

And So It Begins

The pieces on this new album express inner states, at once specific and universal. For me, they’re a musical diary, a collection of snapshots from the past few years.

Everything is vibration, the substance of our world, our inner worlds, and music itself. The fascination with these underlying connections inspires the music, along with the desire to integrate these various worlds, the daily, the musical, and the spiritual.

—Debra Kaye


Composer Debra Kaye’s debut Ravello Records release catapults the listener into her deep universe of sound...as she blends her classical roots with traces of jazz, pop, world music, the pulse of city rhythms, and the expansiveness of spacious landscapes.


To recall the magic of Taos, the light, the air...in three remembrances - the first night there, the waning of summer, a visit to Georgia O-Keeffe's home in Abiquiu. Commissioned by Access to Music.

Inci­den­tal Duck­ling

Incidental Duckling animates the heartwarming tale of the Ugly Duckling. The music is excerpted from the theatre piece, produced by Literally Alive Theatre, and is also part of a suite of dance and incidental music with a similar title – Incidental Ducklings. Video by Kiersten Armstrong; music by Debra Kaye. Amy Kimball, violin; Arthur Cook, cello; Marcia Eckert, piano.